The Nervous



Western culture. Technology. Chronic Pain. Anxiety. Inflammation. Brain injury. Lowered Immune Function. Autoimmunity.

Individuals in the United States are chronically activated. An estimated 19.1% of adults had a diagnosable anxiety disorder in the past year. An estimated 75% to 90% of doctors visits are due to stress related illnesses or complaints. 


While stress is a phenomenon we should all expect to experience, we are designed to move through states of activation and then quickly into states of biological calm and rest. Unfortunately, due to enviornmental, emotional, spiritual, and physiological reasons, this flow is often disrupted and our nervous systems are primarily confined to a fight or flight state. This level of chronic stress leads to broken relationships, decreased physical health, disfunctional immune responses, impaired healing, and limited brain function. 

Your nervous system can be trained to function in a new way.


Your nervous system has a sensory component that is continually reacting to your environment. You can learn to manage your mind, body, and spirit in a way that helps mitigate, alleviate, and manage stress by understanding your biological design and implementing consistent rituals accordingly.