Our connections are central to who we are, how we view ourselves, our perception of the world, and our life journey.

Often our greatest joys and our deepest sorrows are found in relationships. We are relational beings and our journey to wellness, joy, and a full life are traveled within the context of our past, present, and future relationships.

Social anxiety, grief, loneliness, boundaries, unmet expectations, betrayal, separation, broken relationships, grief.. Life can become confusing when we experience difficulty in our relational world. While none of us are immune to relational challenges, there is hope for healing, peace, and joy in the midst of struggle.

Many of my clients work with me on an individual basis as they navigate the following types relationships:




Adult Children


Betrayal Trauma

Early attachment/Family of Origin

Romance/Dating/Intimate Relationships 

Fear of intimacy/Separation Anxiety

Divorce Recovery and Life after a Breakup

Life Transitions