People come to counseling for a variety of reasons but rarely is there a time that spirituality isn't relevant. Defining one's life purpose, identity, foundation, and meaning is often central to healing, growth, and internal work.


This, however, looks different for each person who comes in the office. While many of my clients come to counseling specifically looking for a therapist that integrates their spiritual life into therapy, I also have clients who would prefer to talk about other things. Additionally, there are many clients where religious or spiritual experiences have been painful or confusing. I hope to provide space for you to explore healing regardless of your background, personal journey, or preferences.

You get to decide how much or how little spirituality and faith are included in our sessions. It is important for you to know, however, that my therapeutic perspective incorporates a mind, body, spirit approach. I view each person holistically and believe each of these aspects are parts of the human experience. I embrace the idea that each person is unique and look forward to knowing their unique perspective, experience, and journey.



Chronic Illness 

Spiritual Questions

Life Meaning/Purpose

Working towards congruence between head, heart, and spirt