It's a pleasure to meet you... 

Jessie Wells, LCSW, INHC is a psychotherapist, integrative nutrition coach, and an educator. Her mission is to support those around her to live in abundant wellness. She believes that it is in the context of relationship that change, wholeness, and life happen. 

Jessie's passion is the intersection of science, relationships, wellness, and spirituality. Her clinical training emphasized interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, mindfulness, brain and behavior, family systems, and cognitive behavior therapy. Her professional experience ranges from hospital, to non-profit, and outpatient mental health organizations. Prior to launching her private practice, Jessie was a therapist at The Austin Stone Counseling Center where she enjoyed offering counseling and workshops. 

With a Masters in Social Work, Jessie has a particular passion for neuroscience, relationships, health and wellness, and loves implementing current scientific research in her clinical work. She encourages her clients with research about neurogenesis, rewiring, and neuro anatomy to help them understand that their brains, relationships, and life can change for the better.  


Throughout her time in clinical practice, Jessie underwent additional training to become a Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner (TBRI), to be certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing trained (EMDR), and is now a Consultant In Training for EMDR through Jessie also completed a 12 month nutrition coaching program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is continually engaging in ongoing education to enhance her support for clients and EMDR therapists.


Jessie is one who believes that personal experience is often the best education. Her own wellness and personal journeys bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, and empathy to individuals who are fighting to live life more abundantly. She feels immensely honored to walk with individuals for a short period in their journey as she lives out her mission of supporting change makers as they live out their dreams and potential. 

Jessie loves learning from others who are specialists in their fields and enjoys strong collaborative relationships with various subject matter experts. She offers regular workshops and delivers presentations to diverse audiences including organizations, business executives, religious groups, non-profits, and health professionals.

In her spare time Jessie runs around with her two active boys, her husband, and Teddy (the family dog).